Mama Africa. 

“Alkebulan” ; Alkebu-lan meaning Mother of mankind.  That is your true name. Birth mother of a nation Bearer of the moorish people Giver of melanin Her land is full of riches Diamond’s & Gold beautiful her children are with stories of bold  Colors & culture live in her closet like designers on sets Ripe fruits & vegetables taste our bellies full Go forth Sun–kissed one for you have … Continue reading Mama Africa. 

Girls doing whatever the fuck they want in 2017. 

I love me the loud girls in the corner laughing and screaming to the top of their lungs, The “boy we do what we want here” kinda girls.   I love me the groovy shawdy’s dancing and shaking their God-given assets in the club,the shawdy’s who couldn’t give 2 tits about nothing. The ” babes Tina siya jiva Mo” kinda girls.  I love me the Tomboy … Continue reading Girls doing whatever the fuck they want in 2017.