I care about you regardless.

YouTube link < Click on the YouTube link to watch on YouTube. I have written a piece on a love hate relationship where the people you end up with always hurt you and use you, and how a person can still care about someone regardless of what they have done to them, putting their pride aside and admitting they still care. Music by Drake ft. … Continue reading I care about you regardless.

Lionel Smit

An artist who understands his subject as much as he understands his medium.  I discovered the contemporary artist 2 years back and I’ve been in love ever since! He’s been my source of motivation and inspiration. His paintings and sculptures are a true reflection of talent, hard work and an eye for detail! Pics by me. Recent exhibition: State Location: Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg  Continue reading Lionel Smit

She’s as smooth as my Saxophone.

Golden goddess So how long would it take me to compromise your faith, offer up your grace, take it slow, jog, dash, then hype up the pace..she said you’re just here for extra credit, you’re not dedicated, not willing to work, not willing to put in the hours, just want to make this yours, and not ours… I’m fighting for that moment, the moment she … Continue reading She’s as smooth as my Saxophone.