Growing up seems fun until it happens

From birth the aim if the game is to grow up. Yet I think we're made to grow up too quickly. How often does one hear "too young to have sex" "too young to be in love" "too young to know that" "too young to be gay" "too young too drink" yet people make sex, … Continue reading Growing up seems fun until it happens


The seasons change around me and I wish they would in my mind too. Only my thoughts remain fixated. A focal point at the centre of my consciousness. Every cognitive function revolving around it. The elephant in the room that will never be addressed, tipping the scales of my reality every day, leaving it on … Continue reading Focus

Knock knock: Whose there?

It was her. The woman from my dreams is standing in my kitchen wearing my favorite t-shirt? God, I hope she didn’t mess any food on my shirt. She smiled at me and walked over to the table. Her eyes moved between me and the coffee mugs while she was filling them. "Is something wrong?" … Continue reading Knock knock: Whose there?

Sub-conscious or Conscious

"I love you" A whisper, as I rose from my half-asleep, half-awake state, I heard it. It was a soft voice, husky but sweet and tender. I could feel my hair being stroke back. The hand was soft and it touches me gently. I could feel that the words in that whisper were genuine from the … Continue reading Sub-conscious or Conscious