Dirty Polaroid an exploration into the different shades of orange.

Amazing visuals, style and architectural landscape and colour were the core drivers to this insane project. The dirty polaroid capsule was a vividly artistic Big Bang, with a focus into the ongoing existence yet newly reformed presence of the colour orange and its slow creeping relevance into the fashion and stylist world of clothing. This … Continue reading Dirty Polaroid an exploration into the different shades of orange.


Come into the light my child of clandestine meetings, illuminate your spirit in the presence of this energy and aura so warm and strong filled with love and an absence of false emotions appearing real. Illuminate: A short Visual series. Photographer : Dwayne Eastwood IG: @dee_amp Stylist and Model : Audrey Tafadzwa Nyamucherera IG : … Continue reading Illuminated.

Midnight Machiine; A Late Night Novelty 

Anyone can become a Dee-Jay. Only a few will become Artists. In true artistic fashion, the dynamic duo MidnightMachiine (Dércio Gomate and Marco Dray) from Maputo, Mozambique, tackle the status quo head on resulting in refreshing acts that captivate both body and soul. Whether you’re a festival-goer or an avid party-seeker, Rage 2016 was a scene … Continue reading Midnight Machiine; A Late Night Novelty 

The 6th wave.

The puffer jacket commonly associated with the outdoors men and conservatives is making a silent yet contrastingly huge boom in the fashion world if you're listening close enough. From the streets of Paris, Berlin, Japan, Rome, to New York and Toronto just to mention a few this old time functional garment is making swift waves … Continue reading The 6th wave.