Come into the light my child of clandestine meetings, illuminate your spirit in the presence of this energy and aura so warm and strong filled with love and an absence of false emotions appearing real. Illuminate: A short Visual series. Photographer : Dwayne Eastwood IG: @dee_amp Stylist and Model : Audrey Tafadzwa Nyamucherera IG : … Continue reading Illuminated.

The 6th wave.

The puffer jacket commonly associated with the outdoors men and conservatives is making a silent yet contrastingly huge boom in the fashion world if you're listening close enough. From the streets of Paris, Berlin, Japan, Rome, to New York and Toronto just to mention a few this old time functional garment is making swift waves … Continue reading The 6th wave.

Path of the Past

Waking up from a relished slumber John Jameson raised his hands above his head, saluting the morning sun with a rigid flex. His bones clicked concurring the action and an intermittent spasm followed.   “Old age” he murmured under his breath distastefully.   Dragging his feet along the floor he proceeded towards the mirror and … Continue reading Path of the Past