Fallen Titans

The Death Of: Fallen Titans,  The Death of gods and summer,  Turning chalices into broken dreams.  Of births and ways that thunder,  Burning time pieces into golden leaves.  The Death of…  The gods are dead,  Except the one that created me.  The one that rules from the heavens,  Expect the son never feared man.  The times are a fuse torn off an element.  The titans are … Continue reading Fallen Titans

Rhythm through the clouds to her Heaven.

She is biblical. Her name constantly kisses the edge of my mind like the wind on my skin, I enjoy every sensation of her matter, from rise to set, she is my sun, my grass, the earth beneath my feet. Incredible life is hers, a smile that brings angels to tears, the trees to their knees, armies to rest, the ocean to peace, she is … Continue reading Rhythm through the clouds to her Heaven.

UP1 – Stay Close; stay by my side

Stay by my side, During lunar lit night- Following congenial coitus – Stars just as bright Stay by my side, You need to near If you’re to be kissed Why I pull there and here. Stay by my side, Upon moments of waning Lack of tact with glare And hanging on rhetoric gaming Stay by my side, Even when we argue Loud and boisterous; Expressing … Continue reading UP1 – Stay Close; stay by my side

ES5 – We are Good; We wish Evil

Have you ever wished it, I’m sure you have. I’m not the only human with thoughts; Such evil sentiments near action save The morals that, from an evil born, haunts. Then one questions were these a creation Or were these of an archaic system These thoughts of which beg resignation. Why must we pretend and use encryption. You think you’re bad – how puerile are … Continue reading ES5 – We are Good; We wish Evil