We let her jump.

I don’t wanna miss my youth. Stuck in a sea of regret, with the black tides of missed moments, drowning me, devouring me. Unreaped nights, of such sorrow sowing, planting yet no fruit for the taking, tasting, bathing in. Staring at clocks, hearing the tick of each passing smile, conversation, laugh and kiss that could’ve been, the caged spirit within yearning for the grins and … Continue reading We let her jump.

Discordant Tone

Do you know what it is likeTo hear your voice You melodious voiceThat kindles ablazeMy morbid thoughtsThat run wild in yourAbsence Your melodious voiceThat tames the seasOf my raging insecuritiesBy your vibrationI’m as docile as a lamb Your melodious voiceThat is an anthemOf cureFor all those with maladiesFor all those who bear suffering Your melodious voiceThat bid attention whenYou breatheExcavating your pathCasting flowers in your … Continue reading Discordant Tone

I am man

Your sisters would have you believe: “this world is precarious.” Fear not, I shall care for and protect you – on condition you adopt my ideals. A manifesto of my choosing.Follow my rules and you are assured safety. The law ranges from: dosemestic behaviour, corporate structures, Clothing etiquette, Colour coding – I choose them all. Obey me and live freely.Oppose my rule and face my … Continue reading I am man

Questionable Quandary

Who loves who more? You might squander many momentsProclaiming, arguing or delivering a tirade to be endowed with the title. Depending on the nature of suchIt may rot away foundationsSending couples intoAn unplanned moribund. Let me stop you thereIt’s not to say I don’t care for sport –It is most certainly tasteful;When playful and graceful,Or concluded with a peck,Perhaps, a face-full. Do not err me,It … Continue reading Questionable Quandary