Like a wolf to sheep. With a vicious and vigorous yearning. A temper peering through the vacant breach of those mountains. Canyons erected to shield your fragility.  To me, as impenetrable as a single sheet of paper. A psychosis of endearment plagues me. Moved by miracle and knowing. Driven, inconsolably so.  Slicing my heart in … Continue reading [Dense]

For Him – (act 2 : The Ouroboros)

Stability feels like silence, calm, solitude. It feels like a shallow pool of peace, without a ripple of intense feeling an ocean of longing and belonging to an energy separate from my own and a celestial power. A tailored counterpart. This gift, this presence, entity, compels [passion], fused with a sort of grace that dances … Continue reading For Him – (act 2 : The Ouroboros)