Speak of the we shall kill.

In a heartbeat, I release with the sunset, projected to the lights and heights, the base and rhythm of the city.  I shower my energy on the unsuspecting, I gaze upon you and I inherit your soul I kiss and tell, I drink and dance from the waters and the rippling flow of an immortal … Continue reading Speak of the we shall kill.

Don’t be stupid, this shit ain’t a fucking fairytale.

And grace escorts the brutality of her beauty. And says to her no fruit shall be sweeter than the seeds of dedication he plants in her name. And by day and night he brings her the sun and moon, he is hers and no longer his own. And they wonder if this is forever, whether … Continue reading Don’t be stupid, this shit ain’t a fucking fairytale.

Dreams of Hypocrisy.

23/08/17 You have to adore controversy  without challenge we have complacency. Challenge of the spirit, mind, beliefs and body, is anatomy of growth. Routine drives nothing of the mind besides mundane reality or perception of ones reality to another. Who are we to say right from wrong before those just as human as us, born … Continue reading Dreams of Hypocrisy.


Like a wolf to sheep. With a vicious and vigorous yearning. A temper peering through the vacant breach of those mountains. Canyons erected to shield your fragility.  To me, as impenetrable as a single sheet of paper. A psychosis of endearment plagues me. Moved by miracle and knowing. Driven, inconsolably so.  Slicing my heart in … Continue reading [Dense]