Don’t be stupid, this shit ain’t a fucking fairytale.

And grace escorts the brutality of her beauty. And says to her no fruit shall be sweeter than the seeds of dedication he plants in her name. And by day and night he brings her the sun and moon, he is hers and no longer his own. And they wonder if this is forever, whether … Continue reading Don’t be stupid, this shit ain’t a fucking fairytale.

For Him – (act 2 : The Ouroboros)

Stability feels like silence, calm, solitude. It feels like a shallow pool of peace, without a ripple of intense feeling an ocean of longing and belonging to an energy separate from my own and a celestial power. A tailored counterpart. This gift, this presence, entity, compels [passion], fused with a sort of grace that dances … Continue reading For Him – (act 2 : The Ouroboros)


To begin with there’s the problem when it comes to defining virginity, the definitions can be broken down into two components a biological definition and social one. Biologically, for females, it’s known as the presence or lack of an intact hymen. There are issues with this as you can have sex without breaking your hymen … Continue reading VIRGINITY