It’s crazy how to think how language has such an impact on perspective. The English word “Black” has connotations of darkness, negativity and lack of purity. In Spanish “negro” means black. Same word in an English context connotes slavery, poverty, protest, violence. Yet the French “noir” connotes class, style, high fashion, a good Instagram filter. I’ve often heard people say take back the meaning of … Continue reading Black

Naked for the ‘gram?

To send nudes or not to send nudes? That is the question. So let me start off by saying there is a difference between solicited and unsolicited nudes. So rule one, do not send unsolicited. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has received an array of dick pics from strangers in foreign countries via say, Facebook messenger to friends who thought the line between … Continue reading Naked for the ‘gram?


DISCLAIMER: I am single and have been for like a hundred years. My hobbies, next to eating include: posting on my Instagram, ranting, scrolling through my feed and involuntarily seventh wheeling. PRO TIP: The best way to third wheel is to take the photographs that way you don’t have to hold the umbrella. It’s crazy how much happier a relationship seems in front of a … Continue reading #CoupleGoals

Poontang 101

Coochie, poon, hoohah, cherry, nana, Pandora’s box, pole hole, pink portal, cookie, cock sock, snatch, pussy, twat, holy grail, Nortorious V.A.G., no-no square, call it what you may but I think you have already guessed that we are going to say hello to my little friend, the vagina. In the day and age where sex happening everywher and as frequently as Diddy is poppin’ bottles … Continue reading Poontang 101