Free Short Story; Happiness is being Magnanimous

So it’s been a while since I’ve made a post on The Wolf Collective¬†and my absence needs to be redeemed somehow… anyhow! Well opposed to popular belief I have not been lounging around on the couch with my hand in my pants (lets not get too graphic here) – I’m productive – I swear. I’ve completed the first two book of the Maelstrom Series: Book … Continue reading Free Short Story; Happiness is being Magnanimous

UP1 – Stay Close; stay by my side

Stay by my side, During lunar lit night- Following congenial coitus – Stars just as bright Stay by my side, You need to near If you’re to be kissed Why I pull there and here. Stay by my side, Upon moments of waning Lack of tact with glare And hanging on rhetoric gaming Stay by my side, Even when we argue Loud and boisterous; Expressing … Continue reading UP1 – Stay Close; stay by my side

ES5 – We are Good; We wish Evil

Have you ever wished it, I’m sure you have. I’m not the only human with thoughts; Such evil sentiments near action save The morals that, from an evil born, haunts. Then one questions were these a creation Or were these of an archaic system These thoughts of which beg resignation. Why must we pretend and use encryption. You think you’re bad – how puerile are … Continue reading ES5 – We are Good; We wish Evil

ES2 – Escuro: means DARK

Darker than the renowed knight himself Or should we rather speak to his armour For black in those times meant no help – an evil to people – draconian father. Man who sired a myriad evil offspring Black they were indeed these people. So, a hip hop man converted to sing, And the masses rushed to the steeple. A culture is a lucrative business now. … Continue reading ES2 – Escuro: means DARK

ES1 – Shall I

‘Shall I compare thee…’ I thought to start. Accolades to him and to worship you. But how can one compare matters of heart All the passion by allegory subdued. Tarnish you I would if I had compared. To restrict my expression with words Would lessen so innate beauty shared. To restrict myself so feels obsurd. What is expression but futile breaths Trying to make sense … Continue reading ES1 – Shall I