'The weekend is finally over' pondered Martha. And no one was happier to see its end than her after: The the loss of a friend, a spoilt anniversary date and her car being stolen; she felt it was worthy to be labelled as horrific. The weekend may have passed but her husbands infidelity has not. … Continue reading POSTPONED CHAPTER

Chapter two – A Key and a Cup of Tea

You're back for round two? If you're looking for a recap here is a link to Chapter one - Martha meets Charlie. But before we get started, I'd like to thank Benjamin, Craig, Kourtney, Emem, Thulz, Faeeza, Sanazo, my girlfriend and my loving family for their reviews and advice and their intrigue and enthusiasm.  A special … Continue reading Chapter two – A Key and a Cup of Tea

Bring Back the Books!!!

If you're anything like me, you search for moments to read and sometimes even secretly beg for people to leave you alone so you can squeeze in a few extra lines of that cliff hanger paragraph. If you're anything like me, you realise that as much as you'd love to do this all day long, … Continue reading Bring Back the Books!!!

Acknowledge death (Le petite morte)

Your breathing Intermittent. Blowing winds that whisper melodies to me. Encouraging me to slip my fingers in the keyhole. A world awaits beyond the door. A chance to peek into your nurturing nature. And so I begin circling, like a predator, waiting first for you to show me weakness. A gasp for air or a … Continue reading Acknowledge death (Le petite morte)

Time went by before Jasmine came over

Adjacent she sat but close she was. Touching only to tease. And listening to strike when least expected. She decided whispers would win me over her lips the weapon of choice. How effortlessly the words roll off your tongue i think to myself. The spun words whirled me farther, twirled me further. Gift of gab … Continue reading Time went by before Jasmine came over


Exhausted. They began their long trek back home Dehydrated. Their creative juices now diminished A groan or two. As to how the day was so long Unaware. That it is their lives they have relinquished Fatigued. Yet soon they would rest But. wake up tomorrow and do it again Perpetuating. The sun would rise once … Continue reading Dusk