Speak of the we shall kill.

In a heartbeat, I release with the sunset, projected to the lights and heights, the base and rhythm of the city. 

I shower my energy on the unsuspecting, I gaze upon you and I inherit your soul

I kiss and tell, I drink and dance from the waters and the rippling flow of an immortal well. 

I dwindle my flame to spark yours with false confidence, I sip sweet leaves and let my hips whisper a sweet covenant to them for one night only, if fortune favors their fortitude.

I, me, we, our bodies scream

at your spiritual absence, clutching at your desire to devour our supple mounds of flesh, as we trickle down and you sample our wholesome blend of nectar, a constitution of wit, charisma, seduction and substance, alien to your primitive judgement.

We are called the “We shall Kill” drenching you with beauty and pain, threatening to the broken and violently healing to those unprepared for the arrival of our presence.

Yet, we are a graceful and gentle society, revealed to you in tempting cloth, decorated in an aura of hubris, with subtle undertones of humility to filter out the unfit.

In a heartbeat, I, me, we, strike at your heart’s condition, constitution and devotion to your essence, we rest as dawn approaches.
Author : A.T Nyamucherera 

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