You know what happens to a lion when he’s stressed, depressed or upset? It all manifests physically. His frailty brought out to the forefront for all to see. His roar is hollow, his mane in tatters and that will to live he once had in his eyes, scattered…  

Scattered across the plains of the kingdom he once ruled. A piece in every part where a moment was had and a memory made. Now revisiting those places and reliving those memories is exactly what has him in this constant state of dismay. He hides away because no king would ever show face to his pride looking this way. There is no shame in being affected by pain and loss this way, but he’s a Lion! King of the jungle don’t process it the same.

The kings crown can not sit firmly on the kings head at a time when his mind is in disarray. The lion is well aware.

King will always and forever remain king. Seasons change and when the winds pick up again in the grassy plains of the lion’s domain…. The king will rise again!

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