Growing up seems fun until it happens

From birth the aim if the game is to grow up. Yet I think we’re made to grow up too quickly. How often does one hear “too young to have sex” “too young to be in love” “too young to know that” “too young to be gay” “too young too drink” yet people make sex, drinking, partying, knowledge of particular “things” the standard of “adulthood” so what are the odds that one will want to do all these things to be “grown”? “Belonging” ranks third on Maslow’s hierarchy thus it can be argued that that its inherent to want to “fit in” in some form or another.
Don’t be subjected to the pressure to grow up do things when you’re ready whether that’s 14 or 28. Enjoy life’s little pleasures everyday of your life. Here’s to the parties with glasses of wine and the ones with juice boxes too. Here’s to following the rules and breaking them. Here’s to the mistakes, friends, relationships that will turn into lessons. Here’s to the present creating great memories for the future.

One thought on “Growing up seems fun until it happens

  1. Have to say that I really enjoyed this read, very well put felt very much like I was having a conversation with a friend who just really wanted to have a conversation worth having, expressing an opinion and thought that otherwise aren’t regularly vocalized.

    This is definitely something more of us should hear an so not allow societal opinions to filter our actions and emotions if restricting our growth. Thank you.


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