The seasons change around me and I wish they would in my mind too. Only my thoughts remain fixated. A focal point at the centre of my consciousness. Every cognitive function revolving around it. The elephant in the room that will never be addressed, tipping the scales of my reality every day, leaving it on tilt. It’s like a world within a world rotating on the axes of opportunity cost and somber. The eye of the hurricane that is my mind. Emotion at the centre of it all. Emotion triggered by a simple thought…


2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. If this person brings such honesty into your writing I have to say thank you that they made such an impact.

    Very quick and precise piece from the beginning you made it clear there was a battle for growth and progress that needs to be won. A battle I feel is halfway won by the ability to write about it, would definitely love to see writing and sentiment of this caliber in your future works to come.


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