Tell her.

She’s a provocateur, unnerving, with a glow of freedom and warmth, wholesome and real . 

I was lost in you even before I found you.

As smooth as a soft serve is she, as subtle and vivid as an RnB dream, my 90’s RnB queen is she.

I was lost in you, even before I found you.

A body of harmony, a melody amidst madness, a lover of love, the personification of laughter.

I was lost in you, even before I found you.

A treasure to weather, is she, this woman of necessity, with a soundness of still sea. 

I was lost in you, even before I found you.

A celebration song ensues at her sight, and my words blossom at the thought of her gaze, her supple lips motion.

I was lost in you, even before I found you.

Truly true is she, queen of he, wine of life and as present as the air I breathe. I’m lost in you.

Her mind dims no light, and her light, assurance of peace to come in one favored with her arrival. 

I’m lost in you. So willingly so.

Who are you I wonder, daughter so bold, daughter of gold.

I’m lost in you.

Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera

2 thoughts on “Tell her.

  1. I love the message you drove in your prose.
    The idea of being ‘lost in you, even before I found you’ gave me the thought of an endless passion limited to a single being.

    You complimented her from the get go, thoroughly idolised her in the body and turned her to the light in the conclusion.
    But it was here I realised she revealed herself as a thought but after reading the poem I wanted her to so badly be real.

    It made me feel like the protagonist was daydreaming and woke from a reverie.

    I like the structure of your piece. The format of your poem highlighted your message. It gave me the feel of trailing thoughts that flowed out.
    She’s clearly important.

    I hope he tells her when he sees her.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it, it is true though that it embodies an eternal passion because it’s about a being never met before but soon to be revealed and conclusively revealed in the end whom our subject is lost in. Will keep putting forward more content of this caliber and hopefully improve.👍🏾


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