A Love Poem.


I’m just saying
If love had your voice
I wouldn’t mind talking to it.
If love had your lips, I’d undoubtedly kiss them.
If love had your throat,
I’d shove my dick down that shit.
And with a fist full of its hair
Tell it to swallow.

As you gag and choke
You might feel a slight discomfort.
But it is in this moment
That you’ll realise,
That love doesn’t care about your feelings.
And knowing this, you will understand
That knowledge may be power, but that power will make you weak.
Truth is, you’re enjoying every moment of this.
But a truth poorly expressed is a lie.
So suck this dick with a little more passion baby girl.
– kata

One thought on “A Love Poem.

  1. Raw, and unfiltered and the simplicity of this work is just an extended version of the track record of truth to the writing and inspiration I’ve felt in all other pieces. Another brilliant piece from this Blog.


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