‘The weekend is finally over’ pondered Martha.
And no one was happier to see its end than her after:

The the loss of a friend, a spoilt anniversary date and her car being stolen; she felt it was worthy to be labelled as horrific.

The weekend may have passed but her husbands infidelity has not. She has exonerated him in the past but where will she draw the line?

I know what you’re thinking… ‘how could he!?’ But due to some technical difficulties I am going to have to break my promise of posting a chapter a week… and I assure you it hurts me just as much as it hurts you 😦

However not all is doom and gloom! The third chapter of ‘Chalk Board Chronicle’ will be up on the site, same time as usual, 18:30 on Saturday the 17th of June *side note: a day before father’s day!* and will revert back to being published on every Thursday until it’s conclusion – Chapter five ”til death do us part’

Please don’t curse me – too much – but rather catch up on Chapter two in preparation for the upcoming Chapter – ‘Be careful what you wish for’

Wishing you all a lovely evening


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