Like a wolf to sheep.

With a vicious and vigorous yearning.

A temper peering through the vacant breach of those mountains.

Canyons erected to shield your fragility. 

To me, as impenetrable as a single sheet of paper.

A psychosis of endearment plagues me.

Moved by miracle and knowing.

Driven, inconsolably so. 

Slicing my heart in two by means of selfless shears.

Tremendous pleasure and violence, sheer violence of my affections.

Hunting for the spark of a heart, hardened like concrete.

Deliverer and seeker of harmony.

Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera

One thought on “[Dense]

  1. This poem has two featured images but I feel it’s the words in each line in each stanza that paint the picture. To date it is one of my favourite ones you have published this year! Your piece, ‘Befriend my Vice’ a close contender.
    Searching for someone how can weather the storm of our affection, for me, no matter how violent – referring to emotions here, is a true test that not only proves one worthy but is also a necessity!
    Great piece.


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