Befriended my vice.

Beautiful wreck. My love will chase you, my love will hunt for you.

You’re beautiful yet broken, light seeps through your cracks just as loves wind dances through your grooved body that you shelter so well. You fight the feelings, the desire to want, telling yourself you are enough for you, yet every time the light touches and the wind dances again by your soul, your aura radiates, your heart begins to grow and your heart starts to swell.

You’re beautiful yet fierce, never letting predator nor prey witness you in your mode of defense or attack, your so well guarded so protected yet in warmth and compassion you’ve started to lack. You fight off every instinct that draws you close to what you want, draws you close to what you unconsciously desire, what your compassion in its cold chasms seeks and what your fossilized heart needs, in order to bleed a blistering heat a fire for its other. 

You’re unbearably detached from my world and the rest, you shelter and guard, defend and put to the test any form or being that may alter your perspective on the world you’ve grown to detest. The world in which you see nothing but perpetrators and guilty souls since its birth has since occupied. You’re shields are up and walls so high, that you’ve adopted the dark and cold void you call home, become blind to the light that seeps through your walls so much so that the light and warmth leave you in bewilderment, you are left volatile and no longer embrace those that have the unilluminated, hollow, lustful ways of the world defied. 
You’re so beautiful yet broken scattered into pieces that I embrace and collectively crave, you’ve awoken my libido yet not solely physical but soulfully, emotional, and physical. 

You’re constant shying away and barrage of glacial statements and glares leave me disconcerted in my advances for you, yet I carry on with the strength and conviction of countrymen united in a goal to tear down your Berlin Walls my cause is just, prophetic…biblical. 

My constant bombardment and volley of sentiments, as stubborn as your stoney eyes reluctant to back down, equate in spirit and intent with your aim to discard and oppose the light and hope I will bring to you. You are a beautiful wreck, mess, dilemma, tangled and woven in distress like the vines in the trees and coral reefs in the sea. My beautiful wreck that I will one day convince, one day will finally seize.

Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera.

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