Dirty Polaroid an exploration into the different shades of orange.

Amazing visuals, style and architectural landscape and colour were the core drivers to this insane project. The dirty polaroid capsule was a vividly artistic Big Bang, with a focus into the ongoing existence yet newly reformed presence of the colour orange and its slow creeping relevance into the fashion and stylist world of clothing.

This chronicle into the different shades of orange was inspired by the thought and look into a world adorned in orange in hopes of expressing and living life in a day through a state of orange virtuality. The project was a dedication to the slept on potential of this unique and very abstract colour way and scheme, not commonly utilized or taken advantage of by the “trendy hypebeasts” or early adopters but more so by the innovative and experimental creatives of the lovers of fashion, but more importantly connoisseurs of style.

The capsule’s body, and aesthetic incorporated subtle yet unique architectural spaces and environments from paintwork to modern construction techniques. It’s styling, comprised of stark orange coach jackets, Chelsea boots, tailored formal pants, stone washed straight leg jeans together with reflector jackets and vests. These elements all worked together in an effort to signify the new age worker, all creatives alike, from our stylists, bloggers, designers, students, hustlers, photographers and videographers and countless others honing their craft.

“Dirty Polaroid” a creation and journey, designed by Vast Creatives, with efforts put in by Sativa Shīzun and The Wolf Collective, simply a dedication to the conscious and competent youth, collaborating together in efforts to push the boundaries of each other’s labour and vision.
Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera 

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