Acknowledge death (Le petite morte)

Your breathing


Blowing winds that whisper melodies to me. Encouraging me to slip my fingers in the keyhole. A world awaits beyond the door.

A chance to peek into your nurturing nature. And so I begin circling, like a predator, waiting first for you to show me weakness.

A gasp for air or a twitch of the hips. Curled in toes and I lay in the bay urging your waters to overflow.
I want you when you’re vulnerable, I need you when you’re saturated.

Your upper lips pressed against mine, a hand behind the head to lead the way. To set the rhythm. To keep the torso rigid and in place giving the hips room to sway.
A ravenous sword, strengthened structured of flesh, a barbarian, eating on the flesh of its kind. Cannibalism epitomised.

By self suicide you drive it in, letting it pierce parts of you, you never knew you had. There are volcanoes and mountains that live within you, an escarpment submerged in the waters deep.
And beyond them blooms a flower, legend tells, that maintains tranquillity.
Rooted in the ocean and keeping the surface smooth.

Hillocks later, after mounds were mounted and peeks were climbed.
An eruption from below is felt as the volcanoes spew lava, disolving passion and heat into the solution of your stream.

Despite the beauty,  I came to kill.
And slash at the frondescence that grows within you. The roots connected to the moon force it to radiate lights of splendour. I lift my sword and adjust my grip to bring it down once more. Growing curious to understand the connection to this world.

A precipitate squirts as I slash a root and it’s then I realise the flower is the heart of life in this reef. Connecting and sustaining all life within the waters.

I slash again this time an earthquake erupts, rocks rubbling down towards the ocean bed. Unsatisfied, I cut deeper. Moans send a hollowing gust swilling a typhoon just me. I hold my breath. I’ve been in to long but I’m far from my goal. I must get what I came here for.

I raise my sword in one final attempt to steal the pearl hidden in the seas beyond the mountains. Bringing it down I slice the final root. With that the laws of nature are empowered, abandoning order and consulting chaos.

I swim ashore triumphant. A blade in one hand and the organic pearl of the waters in the other. It’s petals still perky, it’s pollen smelt sweet. No time to celebrate karma is near. And only death can pay for life.

With sword in hand I welcomed the approaching Tsunami.
Crush me
Cleanse me

It is only natural for man to ruin.
Because only death can pay for life.

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