Time went by before Jasmine came over

Adjacent she sat but close she was.

Touching only to tease. And listening to strike when least expected. She decided whispers would win me over her lips the weapon of choice.

How effortlessly the words roll off your tongue i think to myself. The spun words whirled me farther, twirled me further.
Gift of gab she had, a solid power. It’s strength unmatched and veiled by those two succulent sticks called lips.
Gravity had plumped the lower and perked the upper.

How had she come to learn the craft I ask.
Flabbergasted by such knowledge. Awed by such beauty. I had been whipped well and served with peaches in the grandest city I had ever seen.
A land with soil that bred life yet it’s halls as hollow as a dry bone.

Barracks and iron smiths
Calvary quarters and commanders keeps
All this to protect yourself in the centre of a city
All this due to your love defeats

Some build walls or houses or stack  cardboard boxes. I have never truly known one to sow their heart on their shoulder. No less, you built a city, unprecedented in grandeur like any my eyes had ever witnessed, and you experienced them alone.

Sat in solitude.
Suffered in silence.
With not a single living thing permitted near the gates.
Alone… just the way you like it.

Who taught you how to whip?
Where did you learn to rodeo?
She was a laureate tetherer with a lariat
And her tongue whipped and her lips tied.

I had been holding onto hope for long enough.
I had finally let go.

It’s in the last few seconds that I see the dream I was sold, services rendered but not needed and satisfied only you, as I’m falling in the niche between the walls of your beautiful structure.

You could have told me truths. Oh how deep they would cut but wounds too heal.

It’s in the last seconds that I cling onto imaginary hope and invert my morals completely.

that passes
by I’m falling into
a world where I can
only pray that a Web of lies
will indeed fabricate and cacoon me before I hit the bottom.

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