Midnight Machiine; A Late Night Novelty 

Anyone can become a Dee-Jay.

Only a few will become Artists.

In true artistic fashion, the dynamic duo MidnightMachiine (Dércio Gomate and Marco Dray) from Maputo, Mozambique, tackle the status quo head on resulting in refreshing acts that captivate both body and soul.
Whether you’re a festival-goer or an avid party-seeker, Rage 2016 was a scene that dominated the coastal cities of Durban, Ballito and Umhlanga sending South African youth flocking from all regions to celebrate their well-earned freedom. A spectacle that hosted international acts from London, Brasil and Melbourne, along with renown local artists such as Kyle Watson, Vimo, Chrizz Beats, Vin Groovin, Kollective Kulture and Ray Squared to name a few. In their debut Rage appearance, MidnightMachiine rubbed shoulders with the well-seasoned and branded themselves as a duo to-be-reckoned with.

Dércio and Marco had previously performed at several events prior to the formation of MidnightMachine in 2010 and were greeted with a rampant rapport after their first few gigs. At the time, the underground scene was not as developed as they had hoped in the region and the hungry pair were eager to showcase the music they represented to a larger crowd.

It was decided that, out of sheer passion, they would invite South African artists into the Mozambican market. This event rapidly increased the duo’s chemistry, through regular studio session to late nights at the club and festivals, exchanging music, kicking back and throwing memorable parties together. These events lead to the birth of their debut record together titled “Deep Truth” released in 2011.
Their warm nature and vibrant aura – heavily influenced by the scenic coastal lines of Mozambique – provides their style with an organic flavour which can be enjoyed either in the club or at home.

With their take on 4/4 electronica being commended via several releases with “Domino Effect”, “Grooverdose” and “DearDeer Records”. They demonstrate an unprecedented prowess with an eccentric electronic melody, tranquil down-tempo rhythm and catchy yet classy vocals. The pair admit to no formal classical training, relying solely on their good ears and keen sense of rhythm as they master the ins-and-outs while maintaining electrifying energy throughout their productions.
“Fulsome, open, rebellious, insatiable, simple, sexy – a few words we use to describe our sound” – says Dércio Gomate.

“We use digital and analogue, but primarily we produce music that appeals to us” Marco explains

“We don’t predetermine whether it is suited for home or for the club” the pair agrees

Living up to a mantra they chant: electronic music is an art; not a science.

Their live shows reveal a connection with the crowd on an evident emotional level with melodic tunes titillating the senses and carefully selected rhythms rendering spectators into a spiritual sway.

“This is where the magic happens” Dércio declares, raising a MacBook “The tracks come from the CDJ’s and we run with ‘Ableton Live’, a few plugins and an array of percussion clips. There is ample room to improvise”

“We use a ‘Komplete Kontrol Keyboard’ and an ‘Ableton Push Controller’ that allows us to be intuitive and quick with the fingers. You gotta have the right tools” Marco exclaims

Paragon performances have led to finding themselves in high demand internationally between Mozambican and South African borders.

“The journey has always been more important to us than the reward” both Dércio and Marco commented when asked about the future of their music “There is a lot to discover on the way and it might just be that a detour is the more scenic route to our next goal”
With such a natural pulse coursing through their productions, it is no surprise that they intend their career to bloom in a similarly unforced fashion.

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