For Her – (act 1 : love)

And I lay awake, I have free thoughts 
Yet continously they run to you 
I’ve become susceptible to these emotions. 
Feelings of grandeur, the result of you,
 and as I try solicit that inner passion dwelling deep within you, I’m falling, drowning, engulfed in waves of lust desire, but mainly love for you, they devour me like vast oceans of the sea.

I’m lost in my own wonderland, bewildered by my own ability to love with the strength of lovers that are older than we, 
and see you by my side for a time longer than those who have and will see years longer than we. 
You are my white rabbit, leading me into this world, a world I may not want to return from 
If it’s a world not occupied with the one and only you.

Your gaze upon me I don’t know what you see…I see an attachment to you that’s strange yet inviting,
This mesmerizing demeanor that would captivate a deity, and bring angels to their knees, cause men to praise her as a gift from the heavens, it tells me I could never love another, how I love you.
This love is a love, that’s more than love, this soul needs it’s guiding light, a boy needs his girl, and a man needs his woman, a bond that has no substitute, an untitled connection.

Destitute am I, without the whispers of your thoughts and sentiments towards us,
Without the sensation of your touch on this body reserved for your use and pleasure to admire and within it, confide. 
Destitute am I without the presence that is you, when happy in my endeavors, and distraught in my short comings, you are my achilles heal, but with you I’d never part, you may be what awakens my worst, but you are the reason for the best part that is me.

Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera

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