Hours Before EP Review


Hours Before” a mixtape by an up and coming artist by the name of Benny…so much can be said about this full bodied project that’s making tremors in the twitter-sphere where it was first announced. For one the first single off the EP is bait, it hooks you and hooks you well, 3AM Truths trailer is as timeless as they come, inciting and breeding insurmountable peeks of interest in the artist, his EP and further works to come, Benny’s about to bless us and blow up.. The single’s originality & uniqueness on production not to mention the amalgamation of Benny’s lyrical content brings this joint to higher levels of sound. We can definitely enjoy his delivery of the message on pioneering the game with his art, letting us know that no one is prepared for or could’ve expected him, almost as if he’s about to start the first fire like a caveman.

In light of the opening single which is a personal favorite the mixtape has an intact sound, the versatility and experimentation of assorted melodies, hooks and production methods is a tribute to precisely that. Our ears are adorned with incredibly talented features on this body of work that definitely contributed to not only the completeness of this project but also the wholesome feel that there’s something for everyone to bump to with both vocalists and rappers alike such as Thabo Louw, Nirvana Nokwe, Enkei and Daliii, the final two who feature on an entertaining interlude “Strobelight Interlude : Before” that have definitely made the debut project worth listening to.

There is however a slight area of improvement or reevaluation that can be targeted by our artist for his next campaign, a hint of this in “3AM Truths Trailer” maybe? This individual area lying in the vocals department in terms of execution/delivery by the artist himself on one of the introductory songs “See through” which will require more honing and practice but is very far from something we could do without. However as listeners and artists alike we must appreciate that certain styles and sounds require experimentation and learning from, for only our artists truly know what they’re aiming to achieve, and how they want to reach us.

The project’s nature is one of a complete and honest feel and the conclusive track “Figure it Out” ended us off in a classic all inclusive fashion, the track accentuates a smooth sound, lyrics are heartfelt with relevance to partners or individuals trying to grow and mend relationships, it’s a well placed serenading end to the mixtape, graced by harmonious vocals beautifully topping off the end of this EP by a blessed artist, Nirvana Nokwe. Alright, alright, review ending soon come…The young man certainly has the bars, the individual ownership of a sound that is his own, DESIRE, he has the hunger, he has the passion, platform and pain from relentless hours of hard work required to make it through the gates, all that’s left are more ears…Demand greatness from your artists!

Link to the EP on SoundCloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/shelovesbenny

 Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera

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