The 6th wave.

The puffer jacket commonly associated with the outdoors men and conservatives is making a silent yet contrastingly huge boom in the fashion world if you’re listening close enough. From the streets of Paris, Berlin, Japan, Rome, to New York and Toronto just to mention a few this old time functional garment is making swift waves in the street fashion jungle.

The “woke”, conscious fashion enthusiasts across the globe are masterfully incorporating this jacket into their combo’s, serving the masses a lesson in spontaneity and adding that extra cherry on top to their pasted piece of an outfit. Together with the pristinely kept footwear to their tailored or non-tailored fits of pants, connoisseurs of style are killing the game with their wardrobe set pieces. Designer Labels such as Vetements, Balenciaga, EJDER and Tommy Hilfiger are styling these jackets into their fits and collections and needless to say the aesthetics produced supersede assumptions and style capability that majority of the fashion world or even clairvoyants could have predicted.

However with all this said subtle traces and clues of this shift/phasing in of outdoor gear may have been evident in earlier years and features of K-Way and Northface gear amongst the style aware populous and HYPEBEAST’s of the fashion industry who incorporated such garments in earlier days of this trend, and add still doing so today. Warming us up for the heat that’s been coming our way all along perhaps…(they tried warning us). 

So to avoid the traditional in conclusion banter, I’ll say this 2017 A/W(autumn/winter) collections or outfit combinations, watch out for the new wave…Puffer Jackets, they’re coming in with a bang and they’re coming in hot, excuse the pun, get it in your wardrobe, probably had one as a kid hopefully it still fits, thrift it, borrow it from a relative, give your outfit that extra boldness and glory it deserves, demand greatness from your style and finesse, Godspeed. 


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