“To Quench” : An Ode to action.

Indulge you with my course of action , penetrating your walls with my text, manner, similes, and language, a duality or two. My piece my art, my outlet, soaked in the fevour of my lucid essence, soaked in the waters of my dreams, my vision and my anguish, left drenched in the matter of my message, sentences unsaid, and a livid scent of unknown intent. Sliding deep into your psyche, so I may reveal the nature of this mission, confess the true purposes of my visit holding up your pillars, as I am enticed by your ambition, exciting your pink pearl with the rhythm of my words stroke and the poems tone. You clutch onto its body, it’s grooves and the curves, immerse yourself in it’s definition your soul climaxing with each touch from my metaphors to the verbs.

You’ve felt my touch, now maybe a taste might leave you content, this cluster of intellectualism and sensuality, this robust construct revealing my artistry, breeding your fantasies. Caressed your mind, then teased your soul, fighting your instincts knowing my piece and its body have swallowed you whole. Pleased your palette and your flower with only my minds touch…now visualize this bold and untamed figure, resolute, marinated in vigor, with a desire to devour your matter, arch your back and suck your soul, from your crown to the bottom of your soles, while your toes begin to fold and your spirits start to flow….now the presence of my presence forever lingers, and where my nature has filled your entity your spirits began to flow and overflow and overflow…

Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera

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