Dried well.

My brother you are insecure, drowned & immersed in the sands of a conscious drought. Seek you, see he, who dwells within the chasms of your simple self, balanced in foundation, blanketed in light, the creators gem, pinnacle of the male condition.

Cocoon yourself with self-awareness and the vision of your current a future being. Being of sound conviction, envisioning your road to fulfillment, spiritually, mentally…holistically. Abandon your spiteful complex, your lack of self belief, realize your worth, strength and humility, tuned into your energy and influences.

Omit not your unconscious phasing out of your bare morality, phasing out of your divinity and heavenly presence, shunning character plot betraying instances. Be light, commit treason against the pain of panic to compare, dark acts and transactions of your purity’s singularity and extensions.

My brother we bleed in unison, I share your grievances, sorrow and joy. Let us enact a chauvinist rejection of foreign sentiments non-conducive to progression. Reside, reside, reside in peace, be still, unmoved, soundless, of a single face and passionate pace. Let us commence.

Author : Audrey T. Nyamucherera

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